The Rugby Culture: What is #RugbyUnited?

Rugby United and #RugbyUnited is an ideal, a movement and a family. Created on Twitter by Trevor Large (@trevorlarge ) and Rich Church-Keen (@RichC_K) on December 23, 2011.

The movement symbolizes the rugby principle that all players, teams, fans & officials are brought together by our passion for the game. No matter our differences of club, country or language, we all come together to celebrate the game and each other win or lose!

The word compete itself comes from the Latin competere meaning ‘to strive together” That’s the true spirit of rugby! It’s only fitting that our game of rugby 7’s is now part of the Olympic movement that strives for that same ideal.

Here at the youth level, Sharks Youth Rugby is bringing the #RugbyUnited spirit into our program. We’ll emphasize the balance between individual creativity and teamwork as we teach rugby. We’ll teach our players to respect themselves, their teammates, officials, coaches and our opponents!

The more players and parents are exposed to rugby, the more they love it. We think you’ll feel the same way! Come out and join us!