Sharks Fundraising – 2017 & Beyond

We get asked a lot about donations to the organization and these are standard things we raise funds for annually:

1. The Bay State Games. If we send all five age brackets to the Bay State Games, the cost is $1,250...just for one tournament. $235 for each flag side & $260 for each tackle side. Being a part of the Olympics has been huge for rugby & this tourney really gives the kids a goal & something they look forward to all year long.

2. Scholarships - We have never turned away a player or a family for lack of funds and we'd like to continue doing so. We charge $100 for flag & $150 for tackle players and generally, all of that is spent on dues, tourney fees, certified trainer fees (for tackle matches) & equipment. So, anything extra we have will get put to good use at some stage during the season.

3. Speaking of extras, donations of any size help. From buying pizza for the kids at home flag matches to cones, ruck shields and spare jerseys...we do spend what we have to improve the experience for the players...ours and those from visiting clubs.

The Donate button is just below this text. Thank you to all our donors for supporting the organization & the fun, inclusive rugby atmosphere we work to provide!

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